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  • Prof. Saeed Sarkar
    Prof. Saeed Sarkar

    Secretary General of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC)

    Keynote Speaker

  • Dr. Prabuddha Ganguli
    Dr. Prabuddha Ganguli


    Speaker and Member of "IP & Patent" Panel

  • Dr. Shahab Javanmardi
    Dr. Shahab Javanmardi

    CEO of ICT Subsidiary of Pasargad Financial Group (Fanap)

    Speaker and Member of "Appropriate Business Models for Nanotech Companies" Panel

  • Mr. Hossein Samei
    Mr. Hossein Samei

    Strategic Planning and Business Development Manager at Industrial Management Institute (IMI)

    Speaker and Member of "Mechanisms of High-Tech Business Management" Panel

  • Prof. Ali Beitollahi
    Prof. Ali Beitollahi

    Director of INIC International Collaborations & Standardization Committee

    IFNE 2014 Chairman

  • Mr. Mehrdad Elyasi
    Mr. Mehrdad Elyasi

    head of Iran Patent Registration Office

    Speaker and Member of "IP & Patent" Panel

  • Dr. Mohammadreza Nazri
    Dr. Mohammadreza Nazri

    CEO and Chairman of Exports of Advanced Technology Hub Company of Raymand

    Speaker and Member of "Marketing Tools Development" Panel

  • Mr. Masoud Zamani
    Mr. Masoud Zamani

    Commercialization Expert at "Tech-Market Services Corridor"

    Speaker and Member of "Mechanisms of High-Tech Business Management" Panel

  • Dr. Hamid Reza Shahverdi
    Dr. Hamid Reza Shahverdi

    Chairman of the board, the research and development Foundation

    Speaker and Member of "Novel Strategies of Absorbing Financial Resources in Nanotechnology Field" Panel

Forum topics were specified

Forum topics were determined in 6 divisions as half-day special panels and the main issues ahead of nanobusiness will be exposed to discussion by the experts of every category.

Forum Registration has been started

Registration In the 3rd International Forum on Nanotechnology Economy has been started since Jun 15.